Escola Innova

Education, Training and Happiness
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Location: Via Augusta 16 Salou
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Education, Training and Happiness 

A new way of learning, having fun and growing.

Escola Innova is integrated by a humane team of professionals who believe in a new way of learning and teaching which is mainly focused on the individual and their hopes, concerns and needs.

At Innova we ensure that our students learn in a constructive, dynamic and creative environment where they are motivated to discover and learn through different methodologies and procedures.

During their learning process our students are monitored by educators who believe in human values and in constant innovation, which will help to meet and internalize the target learning objectives in a fun and enjoyable way.

Our unique philosophy among many schools in the area is committed to meaningful learning and methodologies to suit the profile of each of our students.It’s us who adapt to them!

We would like to invite you to meet a new way of learning, having fun and growing.

At Escola Innova we believe that the key to learning success is for EDUCATION, TRAINING AND HAPPINESS to go hand in hand.

We are a training company that specialises in language training for schools and businesses. In addition, we offer translation services, whether simple or sworn, as well as fantastic Summer Camps and summer trips abroad.


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Via Augusta 16
Salou 43840 CT ES
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Working hours

From 9.30h to 13.30h and from 16.00h to 21.00h - We follow the same calendar as schools. We close at Christmas and Easter. Open in summer for intensive courses and Summer in English.

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